Audiobook Review – Help Wanted Fantasy Heights by Meg Silver

Eargasms Book Cover Help Wanted Fantasy Heights

Written by: Meg Silver
Narrated by: Audrey Lusk
Length: 1 hr and 29 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:02-19-15
Publisher: Meg Silver

The pursuit of pleasure begins at Fantasy Heights.

A thirst for adventure leads one young woman to Fantasy Heights. This resort, specializing in fantasy fulfillment, will put her to the test. Does she have what it takes to explore sexual pleasure to its fullest? Does she have the courage to pursue her own fantasies?

HELP WANTED is the first installment in the FANTASY HEIGHTS series.

This is a serial, be aware this is only the beginning, not the full story. It was a quick smexy little read. Plenty of hawt action if you are looking for a steamy book. Most of the book is the sex, with plenty of variety in positions, partners and scenes. The story is light, but it is there, which is more than I can say for most hardcore smexy reads. 

Most of the action happens at a steamy sexy club that caters to exclusive fantasies. Amy is looking to explore her sexuality and break out of her mold. What better way than be a voyeuristic play thing as a job. 90% of the book is sex, which is very detailed! If you are looking for a spicy bit of steam, step right up.

Audrey Lusk never disappoints with her husky voice. She really is very well suited to the steamy books! She knows her erotica and how best to hit all the right notes to make a scene sing! Good lordy, you can feel the energy build and ebb in all the right spots!!

I am not sure if I will move on to the next book. While I am curious, I really hate getting my stories piece mail. I will have to think on it before I decide whether to continue or not.

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  1. And another one has been added to my Audible wishlist…..

    • April says:

      LOL, just be aware it is 9 parts. I suggest buying them and saving your credits, cause they are less than $5 each.