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Eargasms Narrator Spotlight Update Lia Langola


Lia Langola, Narrator
Aural Stimulation for your Oral (& More) Fixations!
Twitter: @LiaLangola

What a delight to be a part of the Narrator Spotlight! Many thanks to you for including me, Lovely Ms. Eargasm!
Over the course of 2015, I narrated eighteen titles – naughty romances & sexual self-development. In the realm of sexual self-development, subjects include making time to be intimate with your lover, talking dirty, trying new positions, and fantasies to discover… just to name a few.
In fiction, naughty romances rule! After starting 2015 with ‘Flame’, I am delighted to report that I will again be working with author Brooke Cumberland on two new titles in 2016.
And for those who love to shop online, I recently opened a store on Amazon to make access to sexy easy. You can purchase all my audiobooks, along with suggested toys, lubes, videos, condoms, books, sexy clothing, etc., things that I’ve found are an asset in the boudoir. Click on the link to see what goodies are in store for you…


New This Year – list/links to the newest books in your discography.
Some of the audiobooks I narrated in 2015 include:

Coming to your ears between Janaury – April 2016:
‘Contractual’ by Alice Tribue
‘Pushing the Limits’ and ‘Breaking the Limits’ by Brooke Cumberland
‘Chakra for Sex’ by Ashley Fitzgerald


I have three audiobooks to gift to each of the lucky seven winners. They may select any title I have narrated. There are 23 titles to choose from:

To enter the giveaway you must comment below with a relevant question or heap fan love on the narrator. Don’t be surprised if you get a reply on the day of the posting, most narrators will be checking in throughout their day. You have the whole month to enter, winners will be drawn on New Year’s Day. You can check in on the beginning post to see all the narrator in order. If you want to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway use the Rafflecopter on that page as well. Good luck and happy listening!!!

24 Responses

  1. Susan T. says:

    I actually haven’t listened to erotica, not because I’m a prude but because sex scenes usually make me giggle and look around like someone is going to be offended! I listen at home with only my cats as witness and I don’t think they are judging me! Lol! I like that you have done so many self help titles and the idea behind your Amazon store is very clever. I’m sure it helps a lot of couples spice things up!

    • Lia Langola says:

      Hi Susan! Most of the fiction titles are more erotic romance. But ‘Kinky’ is flat-out erotica. They have all been great fun to narrate.

      Several years ago, I worked at an ‘adult novelty store’. So many customers had questions about spicing up their intimate life, that narrating self-development titles was something I very much wanted to pursue. Knowing people can listen & learn something to increase their intimacy is empowering! And the store has a number of products I endorsed while working at the store. Quality products to help ‘spice things up’!

  2. julied says:

    Haven’t listened to pure erotic for awhile. I use to while waiting for my bus home in the dark

    • Lia Langola says:

      Well, you just may get the chance again! Check out the titles I have & think about which three you’d like if you win! Welcome back to erotica!

  3. Kim BookJunkie says:

    YAY!!! I am so happy you are participating in this Lia! I’m hoping you recognize my profile name – we’ve been in touch via Facebook during the past year. If you remember my name, hopefully you’ll also recall that I’m a HUGE fan of yours! Unlike the others who commented earlier today, I am a full-fledged SMUT ADDICT! What you referred to as, “naughty romance” is my go-to genre! I was lucky to have been able to listen to 5 of your audio books this past year (Flame, Winter Wonderland, Kinky!, Single and The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy) and am looking forward to listening to many more! I assume you’ve read my reviews so instead of blabbing on and on about how great of a narrator you are, I’ll just say to the other gals (Susan and julied): If you ladies ever do decide to give erotica, erotic romance or naughty romance a chance, Lia’s your gal!

    The Facebook store you created sounds awesome! When did you start that and how is it going? I’m heading over there right now to check it out!

    I look forward to listening to LOTS more of your voice in 2016! I hope it’s a GREAT year for you and your loved ones!

    • LiaLangola says:

      Of course I remember you, Ms. Kim! How wonderful that you are on Eargasms, too! Thank you for the warm praises. You are appreciated!

      I started the store a couple of months ago after I saw a peer of mine had opened one. I thought, ‘What the heck! Might as well put up some products that will help keep it rockin’ the boudoir!’ It’s been fun finding things that are useful, body safe (as in non-toxic), and just plain fun! Hopefully, you’ll find a little something that peeks your interest…. I plan to add more items in the New Year.

    • Lia Langola says:

      Oh, Ms. Kim… of course I remember you!!! Lovely to interact with you again. Thank you for all the praise. You are appreciated!

      The store was inspired by a peer who opened one. I thought, what the heck, why not give it a go! So I have all the audiobooks I’ve narrated + all kinds of fun things listed to increase pleasure in the boudoir! Hopefully you’ll see a little something there that peeks your interest….

  4. nrlymrtl says:

    Hooray for sexual self-development! I feel that my HS sex ed was woefully short and under informed. After narrating so many books along these lines, do you feel you could teach a college course on intimate relationships?

    • Lia Langola says:

      Oh yes, HS SexEd is quite lacking. I think I could teach a continuing ed class on how to increase intimacy & would be open to learning more about the biological part so I could explain things on a scientific level as well as a pleasure level. How much fun would that be?

  5. Mary C. says:

    Do you have a recommendation for someone who has never listened to erotica?

    • Lia Langola says:

      There are LOTS of different types of erotica out there: from naughty romances that have pretty detailed intimate scenes and light BDSM, to the super XXX including Dino-porn (yes, that exists) & the ‘I slept with my next door neighbor’s cousin from Toledo’. I highly recommend reading the synopsis & some of the reviews for a title to find something you would be comfortable with. (There are subjects that I am not comfortable with, so I do not narrate them.)

      If you wanted to start with something light from me, try the ‘Sensual Fairy Stories’. They have fun stories & some hot scenes, but not too over the top. Or, go hard-core with ‘Kinky!’ Some of the stories in there are mild (like the first one), but there are couple that are much heavier.

  6. Alexisa says:

    Lia, you are a new narrator for me. Now after listening to your snippets I just want to ask where the heck have you been hiding at?? You are so going into my wish list. Thank you Eargasms for the intro.

    • Lia Langola says:

      Delighted you have found me, Alexisa! I happy you enjoyed what you heard thus far… much more coming in 2016! 😉

  7. Cyndi says:

    Love your work and am so happy about the update! I have listened to many of your books, recently I finished His Plaything and LOVED the book, thanks to your work! Do you have a 2015 favorite?

    • Lia Langola says:

      Thank you, Cyndi! You are sweet! A favorite…. hmmm… I really enjoyed ‘The Gentleman Mentor’, ‘Single’, and ‘The Fairy Stories’. And ‘Flame’, ‘Better Sex in No Time’, well… really… I liked them all! I am very fortunate to be narrating such fun pieces!

  8. You are a new narrator for me, but the Sensual Fairy Stories sound like a good fit for me. Adding them to my Wish List TBR Mountain on Audible. Happy New Year!

    • Lia Langola says:

      They are fun, Michelle. I think you’ll enjoy them. Fingers crossed the next two books in the series will be ready for narration in 2016!

  9. Ohhhh! You had me at aural! lol, I love erotica! I have read and reviewed one of your narrations. I also purchased another, but haven’t read it yet. I tend to buy tons of audios then look for a chance to read them. Do you do that? Even though you haven’t read the 10, 20 or hundreds of audios, do you still keep buying? Do you even get time to read?

    • LiaLangola says:

      Oh, Teri… Yes, I do have quite a few titles in queue to listen to when I have a chance. Easier said than done, sometimes. I try to listen to an audiobook while I’m cooking. At night, the Hubby & I take turns selecting something to listen to. Other times, the ears get a rest… especially after a full day of recording. 😉

  10. Kim BookJunkie says:

    Not sure if you will be back to see this Lia but if you do, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I am so excited to have been picked as a winner of your giveaway! I am excited to hear more of your ABs and you know I will post my reviews everywhere I can! xoxoxo

    • LiaLangola says:

      Thank you, Ms. Kim! I will be in touch soon so you can select your three new audiobooks! I am excited to read your reviews as they are always so full of passion!