Narrator Update – Karen Krause

Eargasms Narrator Spotlight Update Karen Krause

2015 has been a great audiobook year for me with 10 new releases this year. The link to my audible page: 

And to my website: 

I’ve been fortunate to voice three new series. We have released four books in the Mr. Darcy series, a Pride and Prejudice Contemporary series by Barbara Silkstone. Look for the next three coming in 2016.

Two books in the Aisling Grimlock series by Amanda M. Lee have been released. Book 1 “Grim Tidings” was released in July and the second book, “Grim Offerings” was released December 22nd.

And the first book In Stacey Rourke’s new Legends Saga, “Crane” published in June. I’ve just started on the sequel, “Raven” and expect it to be available by March.

Check out her full spotlight from last year here.

I’d like to giveaway 2 each of the first book in each series, “Mr. Darcy’s Dogs” by Barbara Silkstone; “Crane” by Stacey Rourke, and “Grim Tidings” by Amanda M. Lee.

To enter the giveaway you must comment below with a relevant question or heap fan love on the narrator. Don’t be surprised if you get a reply on the day of the posting, most narrators will be checking in throughout their day. You have the whole month to enter, winners will be drawn on New Year’s Day. You can check in on the beginning post to see all the narrator in order. If you want to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway use the Rafflecopter on that page as well. Good luck and happy listening!!!

26 Responses

  1. Susan T. says:

    When you narrate series do you feel like it gives you more of a connection to the characters than a stand-alone? I would imagine that you get quite attached to the characters. I certainly do as a reader and listener!

    • Karen Krause says:

      Hi Susan. Yes, I do get attached to some of the characters. When the book is written in first-person, it is especially easy to get attached since I have to spend much more time inside of that character’s head.

  2. Mary C. says:

    Do you have a favorite genre?

  3. Karen Krause says:

    Hi Mary! I enjoy a lot of genres, but I guess I gravitate towards paranormal/mystery/fantasy stories. Although, once I start working on a story, it seems its genre is my pick of the day.

  4. julied says:

    Do you travel a lot. Sounds exciting series

  5. Kim BookJunkie says:

    Glad to see that you are still narrating! I hope you continue to enjoy what you do and have a happy, healthy 2016!

    PS: I am unfortunately burned out on paranormal so please do not consider my comment an entry into the Aisling Grimlock giveaway. Thank you!

    • Karen Krause says:

      Thanks, Kim. I’m very fortunate to be able to do what I enjoy. Hard to imagine being paranormaled out, but I assume you’re interested in the other two?

      • Kim BookJunkie says:

        Ha ha! My paranormal burnout spurred some conversation – that’s cool! I don’t know how or why but it did happen! I like books that are BELIEVABLE & REALISTIC. Movies too now that I’m thinking about it! I used to love paranormal though so I hope I’ll get back into it again one day!

    • April says:

      Burned out on Paranormal! Eek, that would never happen to me! It is my go to genre!

      • Karen Krause says:

        Haha, April! I guess I could get burned out on formula paranormal, but a well-written story with a good twist will always pull me in.

      • Karen Krause says:

        Hi Sophia. Good question! Of course it depends on the length of the book, but generally it takes about 1 and a half hours to record one hour, then another hour per to proof it. If I (or I should say my editor/engineer) am doing the editing and mastering of the audio, we have to tack on at least another 5 hours per for that. So an 8-hour book will take a good 60 plus hours to produce in listen-ready format. Some narrators/producers can do it in less time, but we want to make sure we get the best sound we can get, so we take our time.

  6. LilMissMolly says:

    Hey! Merry Christmas. I listened to Mr. Darcy’s Dogs and really enjoyed it. Happy New Year!

  7. Karen Krause says:

    Hey Molly! Good to hear from you. Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Sophia Rose says:

    Ten new releases sounds like a very productive year. About how long does it take to do an audio book from page one to the end?

    • Karen Krause says:

      Whoops, Sophia. I posted your reply as a reply to April. I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning. That’s the only excuse I can come up with. Just when I think I’ve figured this blog comment thing out . . . . .

  9. nrlymrtl says:

    Crane looks like a lot of fun! Do you enjoy retellings of classics in general? I love seeing what new twists authors can put on old stories.

    • Karen Krause says:

      HI! I do love retellings of classics and of fairy tales, especially when they’re done well. Stacey Rourke has done a great job of putting an interesting spin on these in her Legends Saga series and Crane is just the beginning.

  10. Lexi says:

    You are new to me, I did enjoy the snippets of your work. I’m looking forward to more.

  11. Alexisa says:

    Do you get to travel to do the narrations?

  12. I love Pride and Prejudice Variation stories! I can’t wait to listen to them, they sound like great fun! Happy New Year!

  13. I read / listened to Mr Darcy’s Dogs – I loved it. Add dogs and or cats to a book and I melt! Even more so when they are cozy mysteries! I loved the voices in the book too! I understand the burned out syndrome. I jump from genre to genre to avoid the burn out mode! I like lots of genres. 40 years? congrats!!! How did this past year do for you in the audio world in comparison to 2014? How do you anticipate 2016? I hear the sale were the biggest ever in 2015 for audio books.