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Happy Holidays Everyone!
  Thank you April for inviting me to post an update! This has been a “re-set “ year for me. They say New York City will be a great place to live if they would only finish it and at the start of 2015 I found myself to be a NYC home based narrator in the middle of a massive “urban renewal” project with estimated completion dates sometime in 2018! Long form narration projects becoming impossible (working from 8:00 PM until 4:00 AM with no chance for daytime sleep) I was forced to abandon my beloved audiobooks for short form narration (voice over projects) for most of the year.
   The very best of these projects was ‘Late Bloomers”,an IVR (interactive) art installation by French artist Camille Henrot for the 13th Biennial Celebration for the Lyon (France) Museum of Contemporary Art. I also ​was​ the “Voice of God” (a hollywood term..think of the disembodied voice you hear to announce the presenters at the Academy Awards) in Washington DC for ​“Vietnam: The Power of Protest​.”​ conference introducing Phil Donahue, Peter Yarrow, Julian Bond and Danny Glover and others.
  I released two audiobooks in 2015.  Both are first person (well.. OK is a cat) biographical narratives. Callie The Calico Kitty by LaVonna Moore:
is my first children’s title. I found it fascinating that my Shiba Inu, Reiki, who is generally very blasé about my audiobook voices would come to listen to my QC every night. He loved the cat voice!
  My second title, The Art of The Theatre by Sarah Bernhardt 
is my favorite audiobook so far. This is a remarkable, long out of print, book that is the only existing record of Sarah Bernhardt’s acting technique written by her. Many of the points she makes were followed by her own examples so I actually had to channel Sarah Bernhardt and BE this great actress. It was a fantastic experience! This was also  the first book I have produced myself and I was grateful to be given the opportunity to publish it through Audiobooks by Mike Vendetti and Steven Jay Cohen with Listen2aBook. I plan to do many more titles with them and explore more projects I can produce myself.  
   Lately I have been polishing my interior design skills. We bought a big old house in the Catskill mountains in New York in August. Yes! There will be peace and quiet! I have been busy renovating and my life has been looking a lot more HGTV than Audible. My new studio will be up and running by February! I am excited to be heading back to the booth then and my first project will be Flappers and Philosophers by F Scott Fitzgerald which will release in early March.
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  1. nrlymrtl says:

    That’s very cool that you brought a long out of print book back to life via narration. Did you watch many Sarah Bernhardt movies to help channel her for the book?

    • There are very few Sarah Bernhardt movies. I did see what there was but it didn’t give me much. She was a noted stage actress who only acted in her native french before films were popular. I did find some recordings. I pieced together her style and interpretations from everything she talks about in the book regarding her technique and I read everything I could find about her. She was one of a kind! Very entertaining!

  2. julied says:

    Sounds like you had fun with both projects. It’s nice to be so versatile. Wishing you all the best with the house, hard but satisfy work

  3. I recall reviewing The Art of the Theatre, words still so relevant to any aspiring actor.
    You nailed that narration Kitty,

  4. Kim BookJunkie says:

    Good luck with Interior Design (but not so much that u stop narrating)!
    PS: I am not entering the giveaway – just saying hi!

  5. Susan T. says:

    Construction is the worst! The house next door to me has been being renovated forever and it is so annoying and noisy. I can’t imagine trying to record an audiobook around their working hours! Thankfully you have a new place lined up. The bit about your dog loving your cat voice cracks me up! Do you think he knows it’s a cat? Lol!

    • Hi Susan
      Yes. The construction has been tough with four high rises going up and two renovations over head. There are no sound booths that can block that. Thanks for commiserating!
      I don’t think my dog thought it was a cat but the funny part is that I got the voice from a dream I had where HE was talking. So maybe it’s HIS voice? Who knows? LOL!

  6. Mary C. says:

    Do you have a favorite book that you would love to narrate?

  7. Sophia Rose says:

    Yes, I suppose the urban fixer-upper thing would be an issue for that sort of work. But how cool that you now have a lovely old home in the Catskills.

  8. Kitty,
    As a result of long commutes and too much time in the car I am a long time Audible addict (I must have over 100 books in my Audible account alone!) I recently downloaded The Assassin’s Wife specifically to hear my friends work. You ARE a master narrator!! What a fabulous talent! I look spending many more hours with you in my car on the way to work!

    • Mary Pat! Thank you so much!!! I’m so happy that you are a listener! I loved doing The Assassin’s Wife! I understand that there is a new Meg Coles book in the works. I plan to do a lot more thrillers.

  9. LilMissMolly says:

    Congrats on your new releases! You are a new narrator to me. Hope you have a great year!

  10. I am just getting into audio books and am loving all these narrators!

  11. Alexisa says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your narration of the The Assassin’s Wife.

  12. Renovations are not fun, but congrats on the finishing! Promises, Promises looks to be a hoot listen! Adding it to my Audible Wish List. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  13. How would you compare your success this year in comparison to last year? I understand that this past year has been HUGE sales for audio books. I completely understand why too. The audios keep getting better and better – so entertaining and yet they allow me to multi task too!

    • Hi Terri,
      Had I been focusing solely on audiobooks this year my successes would have far surpassed the last few years. Audiobooks have really taken off and is a great industry for any actor who enjoys challenges and character work as much as I do. I’m looking forward to settling into my new studio and getting into some great books in 2016!

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