Audiobook Review – Paul’s Pursuit by S.E. Smith

Eargasms Book Cover Pauls Pursuit

Written by: S. E. Smith
Narrated by: David Brenin
Length: 8 hrs and 7 mins
Series: Dragon Lords of Valdier, Book 6
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:08-26-15
Publisher: Susan E. Smith

Paul Grove loves two things in the world more than anything else: his daughter, Trisha, and roaming the mountains and forests of Wyoming. One he would kill for, the other is who he is. He has spent his life devoted to his ‘little’ girl, even though she isn’t so little anymore. When she disappears, he focuses all of his hunting and tracking skills on finding her. The tracks he has found make no sense, the clues left behind unlike any he has ever seen before, and the disappearance of Trisha and her friends a mystery he is determined to solve. When his daughter unexpectedly returns with a warrior from another world, he realizes he has no choice but to return with her to her new home or lose her forever.

Morian Reykill is a High Priestess for the golden symbiots of their world known as The Gods Blood. She is their protector and a member of the Royal House of Valdier. When her first mate is killed she is devastated, for while he was not her true mate, they loved each other very much. She thought to join her mate in the next life but something told her it was not yet her time. She believes it is because of her five sons, all Princes of Valdier devoted to protecting their people and the Hive, the birthplace of the symbiots. When both her sons and her people are threatened, she will do whatever she has to in order to protect them.

Paul Grove finds love in the beautiful alien woman who takes his breath away. For the first time since his wife died when Trisha was a baby, Paul wants someone of his own to hold. When a madman threatens his new family and takes the woman he is determined to claim, he will use all of his skills in hunting, tracking and guerilla warfare to get her safely back by his side.

Morian discovers that the alien male who has claimed her is the true mate she has always hoped of having but thought an impossible dream. Will she be able to save him before a powerful Valdier Royal kills him as he did her first mate or will she lose not only her true mate but her entire family to a man obsessed with gaining control of the Hive and the people of Valdier?

She is willing to sacrifice anything, including her life, to protect them. What she does not know is that Paul is the ultimate predator when his family is in danger. For when he is in pursuit of an enemy, his prey never gets away.

I was very excited for this book, maybe too excited. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, a very good read but not where I thought things were headed. It just felt like Morian wasn’t exactly as spunky as she could be, I wanted more of her fire. Her dragon annoyed be much of the time, she just did not have the spark that her sons had in previous books.

I really liked the way the story brought us to where Paul was and what happened to him while the girls were missing. It helped to get to know him better and see his thoughts, which were more telling than Trisha’s memories. He has a whole core of strength and loyalty to family. You see how he is a perfect match for Morian and her sons! 

The story here is mixed narrative as usual, you get the leads thoughts as well as supporting. The supporting POV are a bit jumpy and random. It makes things feel choppy. I wish these were better managed, because they take you out of the stories. It is a great way to keep the reader on the inside of what is happening, I just wish it were more consistent with the supporting cast thoughts.

The steam factor is delicious as always! Some seriously yummy smexy scenes that will scorch you to the core. Oh my yes, this is an extremely hawt read! Be prepared for a break when things get sexy, cause they are delightfully detailed.

This moves us into the battle with the big bad and finally a resolution to that issue. The uncle is seriously deranged! It was also interesting to get more of Morian’s backstory and role as a priestess. I kind of wish we could have had a bit more on her adventures as a youth. She was a real character who would have fun to read more about. What we did see showed her to be more than the sage matriarch we have come to know.

The audiobook narrated by David Brenin is a scrumptious feast for your ears. I am never disappointed in his reads, always delightful listen. He has a yummy rumble to his voice that catches all the masculine characters alpha tones. His feminine voices have just enough of a touch to make them realistic. Usually I listen to reads at double speed, not in this case. I like to listen to his reads at regular pace, because they are quick enough and I like to savor the time I have with him reading to me.

Even though this is kind of the end, it is also far from it. There are several side characters who have books to tell their stories. I expect they will cover a few events we already witnessed. It will be interesting to see how those stories layer with the ones we know.