Audiobook Review – Cornering Carmen by S.E. Smith

Eargasms Book Cover Cornering Carmen

Written by: S. E. Smith
Narrated by: David Brenin
Length: 7 hrs and 24 mins
Series: Dragon Lords of Valdier, Book 5
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:07-17-15
Publisher: Susan E. Smith

Carmen Walker has spent the last three years of her life focusing on avenging the murder of her husband. Following leads to the man responsible, she finally has a chance to bring closure to the overwhelming pain and grief that is slowly eating away at her. Catching a ride on the business jet her sister is co-piloting, she heads to California to meet with her informant. Plans change when one of the women on board is kidnapped when they land and Carmen is mortally wounded. She wakes to find herself on board an alien warship heading to a distant world.

Creon Reykill’s skills as a warrior are legendary among the Valdier. He is credited with ending the wars between the Valdier and the Cruizan and Sarafin worlds and building a strong alliance with their former enemies. But, that victory came at a cost. Creon has given up hope of ever finding his true mate, believing his soul is too dark to ever be gifted with one.

That all changes when a small, delicate female unlike anything he has ever seen before is brought to his world. The moment he sees her, he knows she belongs to him. His dragon will do anything to claim her, his symbiot will do anything to protect her, and he would do anything to chase the shadows from her eyes. For he knows he has found the light to his darkness.

Now, the challenge will be to corner her long enough for her to realize he is the only one in the universe who can heal her shattered heart. She will fight him at every turn to return home to finish what she has started. He will do everything in his power to keep her by his side. It will take every skill he possesses to stay one step ahead of her.

Can he convince her to give love a second chance before she risks everything – including her life – for revenge?

Carmen’s story is the last for the five girls taken in the first book. She has had the most to overcome from her past. She may be the toughest of the girls, but she is the most fragile inside. The perfect mate for her is the youngest of the brothers, Creon, who is also the darkest of the warriors. They heal each other and understand in ways no other could.

I love how each book has a slight rewind to events in the first book. Personally, it helps me recall where we are in the series and what lead to that point. It is also interesting to get in the heads of each girl and get her thoughts on the events. I love how as we get into each book, you see relationships happened much sooner than they appeared to the other people. The scene where they find out about changing into dragons has been a pivotal point in each of the books. You finally get to see what they all knew at this point and where exactly they were in the relationships. Things are not as they seemed the first time I read that scene from Abby’s POV.

I love the mixed POV and how you get into so many people’s heads! There is much to learn from this style of writing. Some of the transitions are choppy, snippets of one person jumping back to the main POV, this takes me out of the story sometimes. It is always clear who we are hearing the POV from, just not the smoothest of switches.
These books are very steamy with plenty of details to tantalize! Expect some hawt mating action and then at least one scene of smexy stuff while in dragon form. The steam suits the reads and gives the reader that sexy fix they are needing!

David Brenin is a scrumptious delight for my ears!! He has this delicious rumble in his voice when he does the warriors!! Knee melting, swooning and oh so hawt!! This is why he is in my favorite’s column and I am always eagerly awaiting his next smexy read! He has a smooth pace that flows with the energy of the read. I just cannot get enough!

I adore this series, it has such creativity and the characters are immensely entertaining. Expect this book to continue the motion of the other stories adding onto the connecting threads. We get to see some new supporting characters, Valdier Warriors who will find other human mates, a Serafin cat shifter who ends up with a very sassy mate, and oh the hints about a certain mom of dragons and wilderness dad!! Not only does this book take us deeper on our current journey, I now have several side series books added to my TBR list!! I am so happy to have found this author and that she is on the audio train!!