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Eargasms Narrator Therese Plummer


My name is Therese Plummer and I am an actor and Voice-Over Artist living and working in NYC.  My awesomeness comes from surviving being one of eight kids growing up and getting to do what I love for a living.





1 – How did you get involved in recording audiobooks?  I fell into this by accident when Robin Miles (voice artist extraordinaire) told me I should be doing this for a living and helped my journey begin.  I started with Audible about ten years ago and have since recorded for Recorded Books, Penguin, Random House, Harper Collins as well as cartoon and independent films
2 – What is your favorite thing about recording books?  I love playing characters so the more colorful the author makes them the more fun I have.  I recently finished Helen Childress’s OLD GIRLS IN LOW COTTON, a short story about two women living in a trailer park in Arizona and I did not want it to end.  I had a blast!!
3 – Do you have a favorite genre or author to record?  I adore my Robyn Carr books because I have been doing her series for so many years now I have an intimate relationship with each book and all the characters.  My absolute favorite genre is Young Adult.  Julie Kagawa’s Vampire series was a thrill ride for me.
4 – What do you think is the most important part of the recording?  Prepping.  If I am prepared with who my characters are and where the story is going to go then I can go into the studio and just get lost in the creativity part.  That and a great nights sleep!!
5 – Do you have a narration superpower? Awesome accents, infusing emotion, super-fast read? What is your best trick?  I would say my superpower is infusing emotion into each character whether it is a guy, girl, old or young…I see them in my head and my body and voice becomes them.  It’s really fun.
6 – What was your favorite book to read so far? And why?  This is hard because there have been so many great ones.  I would have to stay from start to finish it would have to be FAITH by Jennifer Haigh.  The story had my heart from beginning to end.
7 – What was your most challenging read? What made it so difficult?  I was asked by the Fitzgerald estate to record Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I found it to be a huge honor and my ego of course was titillated.  As I prepared though I realized there was an abundance of accent and foreign language work which is not my specialty.  I needed to ask for extra help. That made the record challenging but I feel I also grew as an artist and narrator by taking the challenge.  Super blessed for the experience and to have recorded a classic!
8 – Is there a book out there that you desperately want to do the narration for?  I would love to narrate WILD by Cheryl Strayed
9 – Do you have a ritual or routine when you are recording a book? In my studio I have water, espresso, tea and tissues and my iPad.  I do a series of vocal warm ups at home and take breaks throughout the day to shake off the energy of being so many people and sitting or standing for long stretches.  Weird animal noises usually come out at that point as well as a plethora of eighties ballads.  My engineer and I have a blast.

10 – What is a fun fact people might not know about you?  I love tattoos and have quite a few☺

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34 Responses

  1. Enikö says:

    Hello Therese! New narrator for me. Listening to the sample audios you have a great voice, very flexible. Is there a genre that you have not done? Or is there one that you refuse to do?

    • Therese says:

      Hey there!! I am open to pretty much any genre but my least favorite are nonfiction as they tend to be a little tedious but I end up learning cool stuff:) thanks for writing!!

  2. Kathy O'Boyle says:

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. Cyndi says:

    OMG OMG OMG, so let me start by embarrassing myself and telling you that I LOVE YOU! I am a huge fan! I’ve been waiting for your interveiw for months! I started with Virgin River and that was it for me, after that you became my FAVORITE narrator. If I look up a book and see it’s narrated by Therese or Savannah I buy it! And I’m really not exaggerating lol I’ve listened to romance, paranormal, YA paranormal and mystery , it doesn’t matter if your narrating! Ok, I’ll stop being a stalker now!

    I have a few questions for you.
    1. Do you pick books you want to narrate or do authors pick you?
    2. Can listeners recommend you for a book?
    3. Do you have a contract/agreement with Robyn Carr so you’ll read all her books, even the new ones?
    4. Do you have more that 2 names you read under? I went hunting the Internet the first time I listened to a Savannah Richardson book because I knew it had to be you. lol
    5. Do you have a fan page, blog, facebook or something we can follow you on to see what your working on?

    Sorry for such a long message and so many questions. I really am normal and not a stalker 😉
    Thank you for making audiobooks so much better for me!

    • Therese says:

      Cyndi, if you could see the smile you put on my face with this email!! Girl you rock:) ok let me address your questions in order:
      1) I have favorite genres but have been super blessed to have authors request me from auditions.
      2) heck yes listeners can recommend!! Woot woot
      3) Robyn Carr is my spirit animal. Nuff said:) I am her voice right now and I can’t get enough. Love love love her and the books.
      4)ok this is top secret but I record (super saucy) books under GC VonCloudts now these are erotica so don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Lol
      5) yes please stalk me and share with friends I’m at and on Facebook Instagram (tplumdog) and twitter.
      Boom!!! You made my day:) xo

      • Cyndi says:

        Thank you so much for the answers. I am so glad to make you smile as you make me smile with every book you narrate! I’m going to search GC right now and I’m not scared cause erotica is my second favorite genre! I’m totally going to stalk you since you gave me permission 😉 xxx

      • April says:

        Have you ever had somebody love your voice on one name and hate it on another?

  4. Jule K. says:

    Look at you fly! Way to go old friend! I knew you when….

  5. nrlymrtl says:

    That’s great that you took on the task of narrating a Fitzgerald book. Sounds like it truly pushed you as an artist and a professional. Have there been books since then that you can clearly see that you utilized skills you picked up while narrating Tender is the Knight?

  6. bn100 says:

    Do you do voice overs for tv or movies?

  7. Mary C. says:

    Where do you do your recording? What is the time frame for recording a book?

    • Therese says:

      Hi Mary! I record in various studios in NYC and NJ. For a 360 page book it will take me about 4 days recording about six hours a day…, with breaks of course lol

  8. Judy says:

    I first enjoyed your work on Amanda Carlson’s Jessica McClain series. But it’s the Virgin River series that I have really come to appreciate how great your voice is. You have made the series come to life for me!

  9. Kai W. says:

    I didn’t realize that you have been narrating Robyn Carr’s books. I read a few of Robyn Carr but I just have been busy lately and have been listening to audiobooks.

  10. Mike Thompson says:

    Cyndi (on this comment thread) is my friend and you come highly recommended. I’ve not had the opportunity yet…but I’ll be selecting something very soon. I enjoyed reading this interview….it’s not often when a true passion for something and a career, merge together. It’s pretty clear that’s the case here for you. Continued success and enjoyment, in what you do.

  11. Jen B says:

    I’ve listened to a couple of the Robyn Carr books from the library and really enjoyed your narration. I noticed on audible that a few of your books are only 2 mins long, did you find it a bit odd that you were asked to do a book so short?

  12. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Therese,
    I’m also a friend of Cyndi’s and she it was who introduced you to me, so to speak. I’m from across the pond, and find some US voices very difficult, but I find yours so mellow, it is a real pleasure to listen to. I started with Robyn Carr (who I LOVE), but have listened to others, simply because you are the narrator. Thank you so much for all the pleasure you have given me.