Death by Committee by Carole B. Shmurak

Written by: Carole B. Shmurak

Narrated by: Barbara Benjamin-Creel

Length: 4 hrs and 2 mins 

Series: Susan Lombardi, Book 2

Format: Unabridged

Release Date:06-30-14

Publisher: Carole B. Shmurak

 Faculty squabbling at a large state university turns deadly when professor of education Susan Lombardi joins a committee to make a tenure decision about Abby Gillette, a controversial faculty member. After one colleague is hospitalized following a suspicious fire and another is found dead in Abby’s office, Susan must try to figure out who is doing what to whom…without becoming the next victim. At the same time, she must deal with her husband’s highly dysfunctional family and help a friend handle a questionable romance. The second in the Susan Lombardi mystery series.
~~~~~MY REVIEW~~~~~

Death by CommitteeDeath by Committee by Carole B. Shmurak

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great quick mystery in the series. I really enjoy the characters and the steady flow of the story.

Susan is once again in the middle of things and can not help her curiosity! I love her hubby Swash, he is one of my favorite supporting characters.

The mystery this time wasn’t to complex, definitely solvable if you are on the ball. There are also a few extra things going on in the lives of the supporting characters.

This is a clean mystery and gore free. It moves along at a great pace and keeps your attention throughout. It is a really quick read, filled with plenty of intrigue. I am just a bit disappointed that there are many loose threads at the end. Perhaps they will flow into the next book, but they are troubling. I hate having questions left unanswered.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Barbara Benjamin-Creel. She does a great job with the movement and flow of the story. She has a fabulous pace that goes along with the action of the story. I enjoyed her energy and consistent voices. Her men are just enough to be clear that it is a man talking but not so far that it is a caricature. She is a great choice for cozy mysteries!

I can not wait for the next book in the series and hope that it will be a touch longer!

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